Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Biblical Minimalism by Author Cheryl Smith

Dear Cheryl at Homespun Devotions has written
a wonderful book entitled Biblical Minimalism.

She shares the inspiring story of
how she learned to let go of much of the
excess in life that had taken hold of her heart,
and to replace those things with a closer and
richer walk with Jesus.

It wasn't an easy step to take.

Life brought a series of circumstances
that catapulted Cheryl and her family to
examine, and eventually leave behind,
a life that had become too focused on gathering
things and not as focused on the freedom she 
was longing for spiritually and emotionally.

As she began the journey of lightening
the load of material possessions,
the Lord began to set her free
in many other areas that were
keeping her from experiencing full
freedom and rest within her heart and home.

Her writings are so timely in our world today.
Many are experiencing some of the same situations 
Cheryl and her family had to journey through.

As Cheryl followed Jesus from
"a life of abundance to a more abundant life"
she gathered life changing spiritual lessons 
to share with her readers.

She helps us examine why we feel
a need to have so much, and do we 
actually own our things or have they
begun to  own us?

She writes that,
"For many years, my family and I
struggled with overloaded schedules, 
overwhelming debt, 
and being enslaved to our 4 bedroom, 
3 bath home and excess physical possessions.
The things we thought we "owned"really owned us.
Living in bondage to them rendered us
physically ill, mentally exhausted, 
and existing from day to day in an
underlying state of misery"

Cheryl helps us to examine our hearts
to see if we have turned anything in 
life into an idol that is of more
significance and value to us
than the Lord Himself might be.

And it's not just possessions
that can become idols that rob
our relationship with Christ 
and rob our hearts of rest and peace.
She brings us face to face with schedules 
that rob our family of needed attention and
keep us from intimate fellowship with the Lord.

Her section on examining 
our inner circle and learning
who actually needs access into
our personal lives and homes was 
thought provoking.

The book is full of  godly 
admonition and uplifting encouragement.

We need such encouragement today.
Any true follower of Christ knows the
feeling of swimming upstream and on their own.
There is scarce encouragement today
to live differently from the crowd and
it can be difficult to sail off alone
without some words of blessing.

Cheryl has given us such encouragement
 in her Biblical Minimalism book.

I felt encouraged in my own journey
and path of living a life of less things
and seeking the fullness that comes
from placing Christ first above the
things of the earth.

If you hear that call in your own heart
 I suggest you look into the book
Cheryl has written to encourage yourself
on this journey to serving only one Master,
and finding Him your
 full and sufficient Portion.


Marilyn @ MountainTopSpice said...

You have shared the heart of dear Cheryl's book so beautifully, my dear friend! If there ever was a book written from God's heart speaking into our present world today, and truths that we need to hear, Cheryl, through the Lord's help, has written that book. Like you, I was moved greatly in the chapter where she discusses spiritual materialism, and who in our inner circle may or may not need to be there... so many deep powerful truths she shares! Love the pictures you took with her book! I will be writing a review of her book soon as well. You shared so beautifully about this book, that I would buy it, had I not already had my own copy :) Many blessings to you sweet friend!

Mountain laurel said...

Thank you Marilyn. I think she has shared truth that touched many hearts. This has been the most read post on my blog. Many are looking away from what they own today, and seeking real riches in Christ. God bless you dear Marilyn